After more than a year of Covid-19 crisis situations, the beautiful tropical island of Phuket is opening up again. Tourists and locals alike can now come to this piece of paradise as long as they abide by the rules - (Phuket Sandbox) set forth to protect everyone.


The Phuket provincial government has declared the Phuket provincial order no. 3491/2564 aka the Phuket Sandbox model - to be in effect for people that wish to enter Phuket. This order has been strictly enforced and will apply to both Foreigners and Thais.


The Phuket Sandbox model has been carefully curated and planned to help minimize the risks of travellers bringing the infection to the island. We recommend you study these rules before planning your next trip to the island.


In this article, we will cover all the steps that you need to follow in order to safely come to the tropical island of dreams. This model will allow people who wish to visit the tropical island to enter safely and in order to protect everyone on the island.


International Visitors


People traveling to Phuket from abroad must meet all the requirements below;

  • Entrants must have stayed in the country of departure for at least 21 days prior to traveling to Phuket.
  • They must obtain a COE (certificate of entry)
  • Travelers need to be fully vaccinated at least 14 days before departing to Phuket.
  • Obtain a negative Covid19 certificate 72 hours before departure.
  • Be insured by a policy that covers medical treatment for covid19 for up to $100,000 USD
  • Must be tested for Covid19 by RT-PCR during three periods;
    1. On the date of arrival at SHA PLUS hotel/resort
    2. On the 6th or 7th date after arrival.
    3. On the 12th or 13th date after arrival.
  • Visitors need to stay at an SHA PLUS hotel for a minimum of 14 days
  • Visitors need to download and install the Thailand Plus and Morchana apps on their mobile devices.


Domestic Visitors


People traveling domestically to Phuket;

  • Visitors need to be fully vaccinated as required by each vaccine except for Astra Zeneca which is 14 days after the first injection.
  • Negative Covid19 test by RT-PCR or Antigen test 7 days before departure to Phuket.
  • In the case that a person already recovered from the Covid19 infection, they must show a certificate from the doctor and will only be able to enter 90 days after recovery.


Getting Certificate of Entry (COE)


4  Steps for obtaining a COE;


Book a hotel room directly, OTAs, Travel agencies to the "SHA PLUS Hotel" 100% payment for 14 nights.


Hotel logs onto SHABA to generate a booking with an individual Certificate Code and OR code for each client.


The Hotel sends SHABA Certificate Code back to clients via email. 1 code per person.


Clients can bring SHABA Code received from the hotel for reference in requesting the COE (Certificate of Entry)


We hope that this explanation helps you to plan your next trip and that we might see you soon!


Safe travels!


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